After Sales Services

Iran Khodro Spare Parts and After-Sale Services Co. (ISACO), founded in 1977 is a commercial and service company located in the western part of Tehran with an area of 80,000 square meters including the administrative buildings and central warehouses. Company’s domain of activity includes supplying automotive parts and services, customer services, dealer and service network, parts sourcing, warranty sales and etc for all automobiles manufactured by Iran Khodro Company; the largest automotive manufacturer in the Middle East.

The main objective of ISACO network is to provide best services for IKCO customers and gain their maximum satisfaction. The most priority of this company is paying attention to the principles of customer satisfaction and to enhance quality and quantity of dealerships’ network

In recent years, due to increase in IKCO export markets, ISACO has now wide operations in international markets.see more

The main activities in export markets are as follows:

- Technical and Organizational Training to personals of overseas dealerships network

- Technical and specialized support of overseas dealers on updating diagnosis devices (software, hardware), special tools and workshop equipment, standardization, support and implementation of recalls

- Enhancement and development of IKCO’S after- sales networks in available and new markets on behalf of IKCO

- Providing variety of policies to export regions in order to improve guarantee services

-recognizing the requirements of target markets and meet them in the shortest possible time

Global Services:

1- Provider of online systems for selling spare parts

2- Supplier of infrastructure systems for maintenance and distribution

3- Consultant in warehousing and inventory management for spare parts

4- Consultant and designer of online management systems for after-sales service network

5-Consultant in design, development and standardization of sales and after-sales network of Multi-brand cars

6- Consultant in architecture and construction of showroom and repair shop networks

7-Manufacturer of special tools and car diagnostic